In a survey of over 1500 global CEOs and public sector leaders across 60 nations and 33 industries, polled on what drives them in managing their companies in today's world, creativity was the number one leadership quality cited. 

All businesses - from start-ups to global organisations - want and need to increase the creativity of their leaders teams and organisations to meet the increasing pace of change with creative, successful solutions.

Activating Creativity increases an organisation's capabilities to identify opportunities, generate new value and advantage, and capture benefits. It facilitates strategic understanding, visionary thinking, and creative execution. Yet creativity is an elusive concept. Often perceived to be the prerogative of creative directors and students of design thinking, we can learn to think of ourselves as 'not-creative' at an early age if exposed to mundane teaching. 

We all have a potential to be more creative. Stories of people striking lucky with a moment of genius, as though creativity ‘just happens’, is not the norm in reality. This is true in some instances but when you’re working to solve challenging problems, it’s not economical to simply grab a beer and wait for lightening to strike. The people who are defined by their creativity have spent time working at it, failing at it, and cultivating it.


  • Motivates and empowers teams to take independent but responsible action
  • Creates palpable energy, drive and momentum
  • Supports collaboration and teamwork
  • Creates and retains entrepreneurial 'can do' positive approach
  • Accelerates innovation
  • Creates a proactive problem-solving culture
  • Activating Creativity 90 Minute Bursts are designed by Jenny Andersson to meet the challenge of activating creative thinking inside organisations and overcome the barriers to creativity which are:-

    + Organisational Structure
    + Organisational Culture
    + Individual & Team Mindsets
    + Environment
    + Cultural diversity in behaviour
    + Gender differences in communication
    + Character differences in behaviour between introversion and extroversion

A high paced, interactive method in 5 stages, The Creative Burst curates a safe space for all your team to and freely share their creative ideas.

We provide you with a framework to help you work with the principles of WHOLENESS, SELF-MANAGEMENT and PURPOSE.

All ideas and critical insights will be heard | Creative framework and pressure will allow all participants to contribute | Structure invites access to subconscious creativity | Everyone has equal power and say.

To learn more about THE CREATIVE BURST 90minute METHOD, click HERE

Activating Creativity 1-2 Day Workshops

In this interactive workshop we will look at the essential components of activating both individual, team and organisational creativity.  We will understand where creativity comes from, and how everyone can activate their own creative insights.  

We will examine illustrative cases of successful creative businesses, cutting-edge research on innovation processes and creative thinking, and learn using proven practices for more effective imagineering and problem-solving.

We will work on  your actual challenges which will allow us to consider how to generate innovative, environmental and socially responsible ways of forging the future inside individual firms.


  • Understand where creativity comes from and how to activate their own individual creative process
  • Understand how to develop a framework for creative innovation and problem-solving
  • Discover an adaptable creative process which can be used to solve problems in a wide variety of challenges in business including new product innovation, strategy, communications, growth, wellness and developing a purposeful culture
  • Learn practical tools and techniques  to support creative problem-solving
  • Understand how to use lateral thinking  to develop innovative solutions
  • Understand the principles of creativity in rapid prototyping


Business leaders who wants to ensure a culture of innovation, growth and creativity in their organisation.
Fast-growing start-ups whose entrepreneurial culture is stagnating or slowing.
Directors who are responsible for brand culture, employee performance and stakeholder engagement.
Anyone who understands that the current climate of volatility and uncertainty is best navigated by innovative, courageous cultures that are activated by creativity.

CEOs and Business Leaders

Brand Managers
Marketing Directors

HR Directors


Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson is an experienced brand and communications strategist, who specialises in aligning purpose, values and meaning in organisations looking to have a positive social and environmental impact on the future of people and planet.

She has produced both ground-breaking creative campaigns​ for global organisations such as Virgin, Levi Strauss, Patagonia, Timberland, and Unilever. She is a natural dot-joiner and creative thinker, and equally at home supporting startups and SMEs to find creative solutions to critical business problems.

Jenny holds an MBA from London Business School,  MSc in Psychology, is an experienced user of Theory U, The Map of Meaning, Art of Hosting, works with organisations implementing agile, self-management (teal) systems and is a student of biomimicry.

Tracey specialises in coaching individuals and teams in emotional intelligence, diversity and creativity. Following a successful career in leadership roles within sales and marketing Tracey has a wealth of experience working across a diverse range of roles and sectors with managers and individuals at all levels. Tracey is an established artist and creative thinker that is able to take a holistic view to help clients formulate clear strategies and execute plans that achieve results..

In 2007 after 19 years of working in Senior Management roles for Cadbury Trebor Basset, Tracey made the decision to return to the classroom and retrain. By 2013 she had achieved a 1st class hons degree, an MA and completed her studies by achieving a distinction in Executive Coaching at Henley Business school.


If you would like to run an Activating Creativity workshop inside your organisation, please contact  Jenny  at either  directly. We would be pleased to discuss a customised programme for you.

If you are an individual who would like to attend an open Activating Creativity one day workshop, please see below for upcoming workshops in your area.