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Innovate or die: slide into irrelevancy hits BHS and Austin Reed

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Two more high-street names bit the dust this week.  Austin Reed and BHS have become victims of the failure to recognise that innovate or die needs to be any company’s mantra. I was born in Brixton, so British Home Stores was a high street feature in the years that I was growing up.  Although never trendy or iconic in any way, it was one of those 70s staples that you could rely on for all things, well – home!  It epitomised that decade of transition between the stylish frolics of the 60’s through the decade of zero home style, punctuated with oddly patterned wallpaper, bri-nylon, poly-cotton sheets, and flannel pjs.

I think it’s steady demise may go back even as far as the 80s when it fell out of relevance with the arrival of the late Princess of Wales and a passion for all things Sloane, Chelsea, frilly flowers and chintz and never recovered during the onward creep of taupe clad walls and The White Company pristine simplicity of the 90’s. Read More

Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What is the role of purpose in the future of business?

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What do we understand by the idea of ‘purposeful enterprise’? Why purposeful and why now? Purpose is something that comes and goes in the business fashionability stakes but there’s no doubt that there is a new interest in the idea of it having a role to play right now in the future of business.

As a brand consultant for the first 20 years of my career almost all the challenges placed before me and my teams by business came down to two questions. How can we be bigger? How can we be better? Those questions could be answered through brand communications and marketing strategies for growth, clever product development, corporate social responsibility and latterly, sustainability strategies. Read More

What can you do when your new business is failing?

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I was speaking with an entrepreneur local to me earlier today who is struggling with her business. She has created a series of different products but isn’t having a lot of success with sales. Her goal for 2016 is to create a successful marketing campaign that drives sales. She has already invested a lot of money in coaching, mentoring and marketing courses and yet things still aren’t moving forward as positively as she would like. This is the position any entrepreneur or business owner dreads. Stuck in the doldrums with dwindling resources, dissolving confidence and depleted inspiration. What can you do when your new business is failing like this? Read More

Jos de Blok

Buurtzorg: reinventing the care industry through trust

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After the awful events overnight in Paris, it occurs to me that we need to focus on positive news in the face of horror. I was lucky enough to attend Meaning Conference in Brighton last week; a conference focused on people and organisations who want to build better businesses and believe that business has a role to play in the global challenges we face. I had been really looking forward to hearing Jos de Blok, founder of Buurtzorg a Dutch care organisation which has been much hailed by the ‘teal’ community. Here’s the learning I took away from a very inspiring, and often funny presentation. Read More