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3 Alternative Approaches to Building Successful Collaborations with Humanity

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Have you ever had a business partnership go wrong? Something that started out with deep enthusiasm between you and another person or a group of people, yet it somehow slithered into fractious conversations, different views and conflict? Creating and maintaining successful collaborations, whether these are business or other areas of life requires constant work.  It also often involves lawyers, which can quickly take the humanity and human frailties out of consideration.  I’ve been examining alternative ways and tools to help develop successful collaborative partnerships that takes into account the very human qualities we all have.

They say people only really argue about sex or money, and that may be true. But in my experience, most disagreements that arise in business partnerships come about because people are human and therefore flawed.  We all are.  We often don’t take enough time to think through the long-term implications of being in business with someone else in the excitement of realising you have a great new business concept, and also of course, we change. It’s also common to find that people don’t set out clearly what their trigger points are in times of tension and pressure, and don’t put in place ways of dealing with each other’s little foibles.  Setting out clear boundaries and the framework for a collaborative partnership with someone is essential if you are to find ways to navigate the choppy waters when the pressure hits. Read More


What are the four major distractions that stop us achieving our dreams?

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Do you spend too much time on Facebook?  I know I do.  Every day I promise myself I will not waste any of my previous life tiddly-diddling around on Mark Zuckerberg’s amazing invention.  But here’s the thing.  Facebook is actually far from being your biggest distraction. It’s not the thing that stops you living in the here and now, experiencing every wonderful thing this beautiful planet has to offer. It’s not the thing that stops you from building the business of your dreams or the project that makes a difference to the world. No, there are four bigger distractions than Facebook – the Four Major Distractions that stop us from experiencing  every entrepreneur, change-maker or activist from achieving their dreams.  Here’s what they are:- Read More

5 Actions To Take To Give Your Business a Boost in 2016

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Following on from my earlier post about what to review if things have been going wrong in sales and marketing, here are 5 actions you can take to give your business a boost going into 2016 if your start-up efforts have been a little slow in 2015.

  1. Focus on 3 or 4 key projects ONLY

What are the 3 or 4 projects that, if you worked on these consistently for the next 4 months, would make the biggest difference to the number of new connections, new clients, growth, profitability and success of your business?

For example, one of my clients is taking time to examine moving into a new market in which her current services would be equally applicable.  I’m helping her to research and understand the needs of that market, their thinking, their purchasing processes, what existing competition there might be, and what sort of money they have to spend.  We’re also taking time to consider what kind of work she really enjoys doing, and then we are cross matching the market research to the kind of work she wants to do to make sure she has a real market opportunity on which to focus. Then we’ll co-create the brand and communications strategy to launch that project. Read More

What would Wholehearted Connected Business look like?

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During 2014, I spent a lot of time watching Ted Talks.  I love learning, creative thinking and talent, and there is no shortage of that on Ted.  One of my favourite Ted Talks (along with at least 18 million other people) is Brene Brown’s Power of Vulnerability.   It got me thinking about what businesses and their leaders could learn from the way in which the people she describes as ‘wholehearted’ live. Whether it could help businesses be ‘better’ businesses. I wondered what wholehearted connected business might look like. Read More

10 Really Unfair Advantages that Build Brands

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When you first sit down to create your business model, one of the key components you are looking for are strategic ‘unfair’ advantages.  Things that will help your brand stand out from day one, and make faster connection with customers. Defining what IS a really unfair advantage for your new brand, or the brand you want to revitalise, is critical to success. Here are my top 10 really ‘unfair’ advantages for you to aim for:- Read More

5 Purposeful Brands Connecting Protecting & Preserving the Planet

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Wow!  That’s a lot of Ps in a blogpost title!  But I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the brands I have worked with and admire that are doing a terrific job of being ‘better’ businesses (while still being profitable) and showing us a sustainable business model that works.   Here are my 5 favourite Purposeful Brands that are protecting and preserving the planet as part of their business mission. Read More