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6 things SMEs can do to help themselves survive Brexit

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Yesterday I attended the 6 weekly meeting of my local business club. Unsurprisingly what was on everyone’s mind was how to survive Brexit.  In addition to our usual presentations and discussions, it seems sensible to break out in to small groups to look at exactly how leaving the EU was going to impact each of our businesses and brainstorm suggestions as to what we could do. Read More

Ego to Eco

How to get comfortable with uncertainty: part 2 right relations

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In developing the firm of the future, many articulate and insightful academics, authors and business leaders have made suggestions of what those kind of businesses might look like.  Most of these suggestions include ideas about how to move away from 20th century business modelling to 21st century concepts.  They include moving from competition to collaboration, short term extractive to long-term net positive, from exclusive to inclusive, from ego centric to soul centric, and from silo to systemic.  All of these things are recognised as important, but just speaking them aloud doesn’t mean we know how to do it.  Achieving this kind of deep change requires us to be better at creating relationships and communications with our neighbours than we are today.  I believe that ‘right relations’ is the cornerstone on which we can build integrated, thriving futures and that we have to start with a recognition of inter-dependence. Why? Read More

How Working Out Loud can boost the success of your purpose-led project

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Anyone who knows me well knows I am a big fan of planning.  If I allowed myself to, I would spend my life planning out how to execute the 100 ideas I have every week.  And so, none of those ideas would ever see the light of day!  To get your ideas off the ground – whether they are sustainable enterprises, purpose-led projects, fund-raising, world-changing initiatives, you need to be able to make things happen. To make things happen you need other people.

One of the most important skills for anyone involved in change, is the ability to connect with others who can help you and your project or mission gain traction and take off.  I think of it as a bit like a cooking recipe; you need all the right ingredients to make a Masterchef meal!  And you need all the right connections and supporters, plus visibility for your change-making initiative or project to succeed! Read More

Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What’s the purpose of Purpose?

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One of the interesting side discussions that has emerged from curating a series of expert interviews for The Purposeful Enterprise Summit is whether we all have an individual ‘purpose’ or not? Whether everyone can embrace a sense of purpose to the same degree and if not, why not? It may not be directly about purposeful enterprise as such but then all businesses are made up of people, so it gets space in the conversations.

Purpose comes in and out of fashion in business.  But having a personal purpose is a subject of huge discussion. What is purpose and what isn’t it?  Do we really all have a special ‘purpose’ to fulfil here on Earth? Something that remains mysteriously hidden to us a lot of the time – or at least it does to me? Is there really an infinite possibility for each individual in discovering their ‘why’? Read More

8 Dots to Join Towards A Better Future

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Have you ever felt that there was something just out of reach of your fingers, your pen or your mind – an idea just waiting to be born? That if you could just reach out to it and nail it to a piece of paper, it could take flight and become real? Somehow amongst all the confusion and change going on I keep getting glimpses of dots joining up which offer hope of a better future.

I really think despite every indicator to the contrary that there’s something really exciting going on in the world at the moment. Something that you aren’t likely to see on the evening news or written up in your average newspaper. But nevertheless, it’s there. It has taken me two years to dig it out and join the dots in my own mind but the more I dig, the more I see and the more people on the same wavelength I connect with. It sometimes seems slow and organic, but every time I take another peek I get more and more excited that it is going to give rise to a new way of living and working on the planet – even if we can’t see what that will look like today. Read More

How to build the components of a great brand story

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Storytelling is the latest, greatest strategy buzzword.  Following on right behind disruption, innovation, creativity and even thinking.  Storytelling is the new black. Storytelling is nothing really new to the creative community; any good brand creative knows a brand is only as good as the deep emotional connection it makes with its audience.  And what better way to do that than through a story.  So what are the components of a great brand story and how do you create one? Read More