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5 Practices to help activate meaning and self responsibility at work

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What practices and principles help activate meaning and encourage self-responsibility at work?

It turns out that self-responsibility is best encouraged by practices and principles that mirror the way in which nature works. It’s also becoming more common for organisations to create conversations and hold meetings using methods inspired by indigenous wisdom.

Biomimicry is most commonly recognised as an excellent design principle. We are used to seeing innovations inspired by nature. Shark skin structure for example very readily repels bacteria, and is also highly aero-dynamic. We’ve seen it inspire Olympic performance swimsuits and also be a source for re-designing the surface of hospital equipment, beds, railings to better repel bacterial infections like MRSA. Read More

Purpose needs an ally: that ally is Meaningful Work

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There are many items on the global agenda for change. Climate change. Social change. The changing political landscape. Changing energy sources. A change in how we produce our food. A change in how we will work in a future with increasing populations, ageing populations & longevity in rich nations. There’s so much change going on at such a rapid rate, it sometimes feels like we’ve been stuck on an out of control waltzer at the funfair!

We live in volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous times. VUCA. A neat little acronym that’s becoming as familiar as cheese on toast. Many things that we have taken for granted are changing rapidly beneath our feet. Read More