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EP 9: Raising the stakes in early years learning by creating connected communities

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It’s difficult to over-estimate the importance of your start in life in how you thrive in the long term.  More and more research shows us that early years learning and experiences shape our lives. June O’Sullivan, MBE and CEO of London Early Years Foundation has made it her lifetime legacy to try to improve that early experience for many children in the most deprived communities in London with the worst start.  Her mission: to try to even out the life chances of those who are unlucky enough to be born without the best of starts.  In this candid interview about her hopes she shares how inspired she has been by the Victorian philanthropists, how she created a model of community inclusion and what government and business need to do next for families.  Read More

Episode 8: Plumbing the depths of purpose-led business with the Water Women

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There’s a surprise round every corner in life. Last week I was listening to global brands talk about the future challenges of sustainability with an outside chance of becoming purpose-led.  Today I heard the story of an entrepreneur who has been running an entirely purpose-led business for 10 years.  Meet Hattie Hasan of Stopcocks: an energetic crusader for the right of people everywhere to have clean water.  And a woman plumber.

You might think choosing to be a plumber and cracking the male dominated trade a big enough challenge for one lifetime.  But underlying the decision to train to become a plumber lies a lifelong relationship with water.  This is Hattie’s story. Read More