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Bring on The Activist Entrepreneurs

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2016 will go down in history as the year that everyone who is even the smallest bit conscious woke up to the fact that we have all been living in our own little bubbles of mindset, values, belief and worldviews.  I could have been at risk of being in the bubble again at Meaning Conference this week.  After all, this was a collection of concerned individuals who are all interested in meaningful life and work – otherwise they wouldn’t be there! But this year I felt a sense of urgency which replaced the curious inquiry of prior conferences. I felt a sense that there won’t be too many more wake up calls and that it’s time – for all of us – to take action.  So I was encouraged to see the group that I think we need the most – Activist Entrepreneurs – really well represented this year. Say what? Read More

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7 Ways Changemakers Can Sell An Idea About Change (and a product)

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You probably don’t associate the word changemakers with sales. Perhaps you think of changemakers as people who only sell an idea. You may not yet be familiar with my new characterisation of a unique group of change-makers as Activist Entrepreneurs because I still haven’t finished the book! The Activist Entrepreneur is a much needed kind of business for the future of planet Earth. An entrepreneur like other entrepreneurs but with one critical difference – the product or service they are selling is built around a positive change that’s needed on the planet. Change-makers who are Activist Entrepreneurs face many challenges but one that is particularly unique to them is the challenge of selling and closing sales. Read More

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EP 12 Choc Chick founder Galia Orme talks raw business

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Award winning founder of Choc Chick Galia Orme talks about her journey from chocaholic to successful entrepreneur and founder of a raw chocolate brand, her commitment to supporting farmers collectives in Ecuador and her ambitions to make cacao a staple in everyone’s cupboard.

When did your fascination with chocolate begin?

My fascination with chocolate started as a young girl when my Argentinian mother used to make chocolate for the whole family at home. It was a time of enjoying the sweet treats my mother produced but I also remember that it was quite hard work to temper and produce the chocolate properly. Years later as a confirmed chocaholic, I just started making chocolate from raw cacao at home for my own family – primarily as a way to reduce my own spending on chocolate treats! One key surprising by-product of making family treats turned out to be an unexpected weight loss, clearer skin and more energy, which set me on a mission to share what I had discovered for myself, with a wider audience.

Was it a hobby or a business from day one?

Definitely a business; I set myself a target of a year to create a sustainable business. I started selling ChocChick online in plain and simple packaging. Attending major chocolate trade shows, I got a break early on – meeting the chief chocolate buyer for John Lewis Parntership – although it took a year of constant calls leaving educational and amusing messages for him before one day we connected in person. Because he took me under his wing, the brand then started to develop into a shelf-ready consumer brand with stylish packaging and messaging – proving the value of gaining the support and mentorship a key national buyer can offer.

Today, ChocChick is stocked in John Lewis stores nationwide, Holland & Barrett and many independent farm shops and delicatessens.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your business?

There’s another aspect to ChocChick which is sustainability. I source all my raw cacao in Ecuador (apparently the best tasting beans for chocolate) through farmers collectives where my business is a key support to independent farmers who are trying to keep their agriculture biodynamic and out of the hands of major palm oil plantations. By creating employment and income for many families in different regions, ChocChick is contributing to sustainable agriculture in a part of the world where precious soil is under constant threat from intensive agricultural practices. Visiting our farmers this year and being able to see that they are able to fund University education for their children – in part due to the sustainable commercial income they receive from us – is very satisfying.

Any recommendations on investment for startups?

I recommend thinking carefully about the balance between the personal support you can gain from an investor who takes a deep interest in your purpose and mission, can help you with personal contacts, is committed to your success – and the amount of equity you ‘give away’. Although I feel I may have given more of my business away than standard startup advisers might recommend, I believes the constant support of my investor and business partner has been critical in my sustained growth and success. Investment is a dark art; how do you value a startup? It’s really only about its potential for growth.

What’s next for ChocChick?

In 2017, the ChocChick business is set to expand with a new range of products, has a focus to promote the use of cacao butter to fry and cook with, and new content which encourages more people to use cacao as a staple in food production.

If you would like to get in touch with Galia at ChocChick, here are all the details:-

Website: Choc Chick

Twitter: @gochocchick

Facebook: Choc Chick

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Luxury: Is there a sustainable future in a conscious business world?

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To ask the question – is there a sustainable future for luxury might sound a dumb question to ask given that the luxury industry surpassed the €1billion mark in 2015. But in actual growth terms, the industry has been slowing down over the past 5 years in real growth terms to around 1–2% — attributed by the annual luxury survey from Bain & Co to fluctuating market volatility driven by currency swings and fluctuating tourist flows.
We are all doing business in turbulent times where change is the only constant. We could also be considered to be standing on the edge of a major shift in human evolution, where current and future generations are focused much more strongly on living with purpose and meaning. We are arriving at a point where even science and spirituality are meeting to create new possibilities for humanity. Read More

Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What is the role of purpose in the future of business?

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What do we understand by the idea of ‘purposeful enterprise’? Why purposeful and why now? Purpose is something that comes and goes in the business fashionability stakes but there’s no doubt that there is a new interest in the idea of it having a role to play right now in the future of business.

As a brand consultant for the first 20 years of my career almost all the challenges placed before me and my teams by business came down to two questions. How can we be bigger? How can we be better? Those questions could be answered through brand communications and marketing strategies for growth, clever product development, corporate social responsibility and latterly, sustainability strategies. Read More

Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What’s the purpose of Purpose?

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One of the interesting side discussions that has emerged from curating a series of expert interviews for The Purposeful Enterprise Summit is whether we all have an individual ‘purpose’ or not? Whether everyone can embrace a sense of purpose to the same degree and if not, why not? It may not be directly about purposeful enterprise as such but then all businesses are made up of people, so it gets space in the conversations.

Purpose comes in and out of fashion in business.  But having a personal purpose is a subject of huge discussion. What is purpose and what isn’t it?  Do we really all have a special ‘purpose’ to fulfil here on Earth? Something that remains mysteriously hidden to us a lot of the time – or at least it does to me? Is there really an infinite possibility for each individual in discovering their ‘why’? Read More