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power of microfinance

Turning good intentions into good money: the power of microfinance

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How to you create good money? Are good intentions good enough? Do women use the power of their pocket book enough?  Do we think hard enough about our purchasing decisions? Last night I was out having conversations with three brilliant women who were engaged to talk about social finance, women and love at an event organised by The Side Room.  Amanda Feldman, director at Impact+ and Bridges Venture, Monica Middleton, Director of OikoCredit an Servane Mouazan founder of Ogunte gave us three different but equally important perspectives on how women can use the power of money to create better business, deliver on good intentions, create good work by asking powerful questions, and create good intrinsically valuable money.

Social finance may only represent 1% of the total available funds on the plant for investment but it is a rapidly growing sector and one which is fast becoming the natural home of women.

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What the demise of Brand Batmanghelidjh means for social enterprise brand builders

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As the drama surrounding the failure of Camilla Batmanghelidjh’s Kids Company rumbles on, I’ve been thinking about what characterised both the success and failure of this organisation as a brand, and the leadership model it represents. What happens when a much needed disruptor brand fails in integrity as it seems Kids Company may have done? Why was this challenger brand so successful initially in a world comprised of very sincere, staid, hard-working charities that toe the line and get a lot less funding? Read More