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How to avoid overwhelm: do 3 Most Important Things every day

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This week a client reminded me of how successful she had become applying a technique I had suggested over 2 years ago: Most Important Things or MITs.  During a strategy meeting where it became apparent she and her partner in the business were almost mentally exhausting themselves with the incredibly long ‘to-do’ list they wrote every day, I passed on this simple technique which has worked for me for years.

At the end of every single working day, I write at the top of my notebook for the following day, the 3 Most Important Things I have to do that day.  There may be hundreds of things on my ‘to-do’ list but I select only 3 things to put on that piece of paper.  Why?  Because the mere experience of seeing a ‘to-do’ list as long as your roll of toilet paper can inhibit you from taking any action at all.  It may be a list with no priorities at all.  It may be so long you just can’t see how on earth you can accomplish anything. And the net effect is inaction.  You’re frozen.  Read More

10 Questions to Ask in Your Annual Business Review

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I usually complete my annual business review at the end of November, so that I am well ahead of the Christmas rush and fully prepared for the next year. This year however, I have been so busy I didn’t get around to it until this week. It’s not a disaster if you haven’t done your business planning for 2017 yet, but it’s worth making your planning time sacrosanct and getting on with it.

So at the beginning of last week I took myself off to my office eyrie at the top of the garden to carry out my own annual review and work through the questions below. If you’d like to go through the same exercise, I recommend you gather up your diary, any major pieces of work you might need, some paper and settle down with a pot of coffee (or whatever is your preference) for an hour or so and ask yourself these 10 questions. Read More

5 Actions To Take To Give Your Business a Boost in 2016

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Following on from my earlier post about what to review if things have been going wrong in sales and marketing, here are 5 actions you can take to give your business a boost going into 2016 if your start-up efforts have been a little slow in 2015.

  1. Focus on 3 or 4 key projects ONLY

What are the 3 or 4 projects that, if you worked on these consistently for the next 4 months, would make the biggest difference to the number of new connections, new clients, growth, profitability and success of your business?

For example, one of my clients is taking time to examine moving into a new market in which her current services would be equally applicable.  I’m helping her to research and understand the needs of that market, their thinking, their purchasing processes, what existing competition there might be, and what sort of money they have to spend.  We’re also taking time to consider what kind of work she really enjoys doing, and then we are cross matching the market research to the kind of work she wants to do to make sure she has a real market opportunity on which to focus. Then we’ll co-create the brand and communications strategy to launch that project. Read More

What can you do when your new business is failing?

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I was speaking with an entrepreneur local to me earlier today who is struggling with her business. She has created a series of different products but isn’t having a lot of success with sales. Her goal for 2016 is to create a successful marketing campaign that drives sales. She has already invested a lot of money in coaching, mentoring and marketing courses and yet things still aren’t moving forward as positively as she would like. This is the position any entrepreneur or business owner dreads. Stuck in the doldrums with dwindling resources, dissolving confidence and depleted inspiration. What can you do when your new business is failing like this? Read More