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How to build a successful startup in clean tech

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This is not one of those ‘this is how you become rich in 90 nanoseconds’ sort of posts so if you were hoping for a magic bullet, stop here and go and make an appointment with a therapist because you’re living in la-la-land. This is a story of one singularly talented, intentional, purposeful individual with more than his fair share of charm, and a shedload of tenacity. This is how to build a successful startup in the clean tech space – one of the graveyards of many sustainable energy entrepreneurs in the last 5 years.

From an original idea in 2009, Laurence has worked his proverbial butt off to build a sustainable business that is not only financially successful but has the potential to alter the face of flooring and energy in our cities in the future. You can watch the full launch experience of V3 at BAFTA HQ here on the live-stream.  These are some of the lessons any aspiring clean tech entrepreneur – in fact any purpose-led entrepreneur – can learn from Pavegen. Read More