Episode 1. Why We Need More Connected Conversations

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I’m a Brand Communications Strategist who helps businesses align their communications to business objectives, and create conversations that build trust with customers.  Not a broadcaster.  So I thought I should say why I’m doing this.  Why a podcast called Connected Conversations. Here goes.

In all my years as a consultant, the two main questions I’ve been asked have been ‘how can we be bigger?’ and ‘how can we be better?’.  There’s never been a more important time for business to work on being better.  To work on being the force for good we need it to be.

When I started out in business, my goal for transformative communications campaigns was to join the dots.  To bring together the business need, the external environment, global trends, vision, market influences and the brand, in one connected conversation with important audiences.

Today we need a different kind of connection in business.  Joining the dots between the grand challenges of humanity, business for good, and nature.  To find a vision beyond sustainability to an integrated approach to systems that supports all life on planet earth.

Connected Conversations is just my first step on a mission to reconnect business to the future of planet earth instead of the pockets of the few, by sharing the stories of the people and organizations who are trying to make a difference to future generations.

This is my why.  These are their stories.

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Thanks so much for listening!

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