Episode 2. Nicola Peel on Oil, the Amazon, Magic Mushrooms, Plastic Mountains & Poo

large-1Nicola Peel is an activist for Planet Earth.  Dedicating her whole life to finding solutions to environmental disaster and damage for local tribes in the Ecuadorean Amazon, she is also an international speaker and film producer. A sought after ecology and environmental consultant, she has taken on Texaco, Chevron, oil slicks and mountains of plastic waste and won.

From plastics activist to serial solutionologist, this is Nicola Peel’s story.


  • How Nicola arrived in Ecuador through a chance commission in Australia to spend 6 months filming rare Amazon dolphins in a bid to stop further drilling for oil
  • How she stayed and found ways to bring clean water to families in the Ecuadorean Amazon for the first time since Texaco left them in a forest of oil pits, by building simple water purification systems.  These have now been adapted by a local business for those who can afford to pay, but Nicola still helps those who can’t
  • How she created a scheme to clean up plastic waste, by building safe, clean homes with Eco-Bricks – plastic bottles filled with other plastic non-biodegradable waste
  • How she was commissioned to go to the Columbian Pacific coastline to help build eco-brick houses using plastic waste, but ended up bringing local government and communities together to clean up 6ft of plastic debris on the Pacific beaches of Columbia
  • Everything she knows about truly magical mushrooms – how she has been collaborating with nature, science and the community to use mushrooms to clean oil slicks
  • What we could learn from the intelligence of nature – how mycelium works to harvest precious resources when and where it’s needed
  • All about the long campaign against Texaco to compensate the local tribes for the devastation they live amongst which is finally drawing to a close
  • Why Nicola isn’t on Facebook and probably never will be
  • Why she might support fracking in the UK
  • Shit – the one thing Nicola thinks we waste a lot of and why!

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Nicola Peel Eyes of Gaia s website:  www.eyesofgaia.com

Thanks so much for listening!

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  • Rosemary says:

    It’s a long time since I’ve listened to a podcast so captivating. I knew a little about the indigenous people’s fight for compensation from Texaco, but the rest was a revelation. I was particularly impressed by Nicola’s ability to adjust to a changing situation and take advantage of an unexpected opportunity, since it seems to me that larger development and environmental organisations often see their efforts stymied by their lack of flexibility. Fascinating stuff, bravo!

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