Do you want to feel less stress, be more able to cope in a crisis, better able to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurial life, consistently power through any setbacks that come your way?

You need to improve your Personal Resilience.  You need to put more bounce-back-ability into the tank and develop a positive, resilient mindset!

Resilience is having the ability to overcome challenges, trauma, set backs, personal crises and obstacles and bounce back stronger, and wiser, feeling empowered.

I'm sure we all know someone in business who always seems to cope well in a crisis.  A person who is unflustered by either unexpected events nor the everyday stresses of being an entrepreneur or actively seeking positive change in the world.  Who is always smiling, always ready to take action.  Who never seems frozen by the sheer enormity of the challenges, and who never seems to develop 'cotton wool' brain.  This is a person who is just simply more resilient than the rest of us. 

But here's the good news!  Resilience can be learned.  Although some people are naturally more resilient than others, this is far more likely to be down to their experiences in life than their genetics!  

Resilience for Entrepreneurs will help you build personal resilience with 7 key strategies, learn mindfulness meditation, cope better in a crisis, make better decisions, and thrive during uncertain times.

What will I learn on the Resilience for Entrepreneurs course?

  • 7 strategies for resilience
  • mindfulness meditation
  • stress management
  • You will understand exactly how to build a resilient mindset
  • We will cover 7 key strategies that help you build resilience that you can use at any time
  • We will understand where you are personally with your own Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Resilience
  • We will create a plan to gradually improve and develop your personal resilience in those areas where you need to do more to support yourself
  • We will hear stories of personal resilience from other entrepreneurs and change makers to inspire you; and have opportunities to speak to others who have rebuilt resilience after depression

How is the course delivered?

  • Resilience for Entrepreneurs is a 4 week course to help you develop a Resilient Mindset
  • 4 x 1 hour webinars at the start of each week to help you focus on one particular aspect of resilience
  • 7 key Resilience Strategies each week help you develop a Resilience Toolkit you can call on at any time
  • You will receive a course workbook and interactive downloads to help you make regular progress
  • Daily emails will deliver your complete course in mindfulness meditation for beginners via MP3s
  • You'll also receive our FREE Personal Resilience in a Crisis Ebook
  • Private Facebook group to share your progress with like-minded resilience-seekers and support each other
  • Unlimited email access to Jenny Andersson for the duration of your course
  • The whole course, including 7 key Resilience Strategies AND a full mindfulness meditation course for beginners is only £349 (£149 if you are a member of The Changemakers Collective)


I want to be more resilient, manage stress, cope better in a crisis and be a more successful entrepreneur!


  1. Research shows that 1 in 4 entrepreneurs are likely suffer from depression due to operating with long term stress. Practising resilience helps manage stress levels and keeps depression at bay.
  2. Being resilient helps us cope better in a crisis; help us think through problems and find solutions and avoid rapid emotional reactions to situations
  3. We live in a volatile, uncertain, and changeable work environment. We can no longer easily predict the future path of any business and need to get more comfortable with uncertainty.  Resilience helps us cope better with uncertainty. 
  4. Research shows that resilient people have more CLARITY about their path, more HOPE for the future and are much more able to TAKE ACTION and manage RISK - all key attributes of successful entrepreneurs.

What earlier participants had to say.....

I wish I had known about the 1% Resilience Plan earlier in my life.  It has made a huge difference to my ability to get started and take action.

Jita Shah 

Resilience for Entrepreneurs came at just the right time for me.  It helped me more than I realised and I'm now powering forwards with my business. 

Tracey-Jane, Entrepreneur


I want to be more resilient, manage stress, cope better in a crisis and be a more successful entrepreneur!