I share insights and stories of the regenerative capacity of people and planet.

I am regularly invited to deliver keynote speeches, conference presentations, workshops and to host webcasts. I choose to be highly interactive, with content and insights firmly based in research. I draw on real stories from 4 decades of experience working with purpose-led brands, and supporting the transformation of business from stakeholder and shareholder focus to a multi capitalist approach where all life on earth is valued.  I am a TEDx speaker at the UK’s second largest event TEDx Kingston-on-Thames, and travel across Europe speaking at sustainability, HR, brand strategy and future of food conferences.




TEDx Kingston on Thames, 2nd largest TEDx event in the UK
Sustainable Brands, Copenhagen
European Sustainability Academy, Crete
Sustainable Brands, Istanbul
Chartered Institute of Professional Development
Roffey Park International
University of Chichester Business Group
Connectle Conversations Regenerative Business Series
Chamber of Commerce Chichester

Designing Regenerative Business

Transformative Innovation

Designing for Autonomy

Activating Creativity

21st Century Leadership

Designing Regenerative Culture

Radical Regional Futures

Keynote Specialist Topics


The highly successful ‘business-as-usual’ model we designed to manage the conditions of the 21st century, is failing to deliver the transformational shifts we need to cope with the volatile, complexity of the 21st century. What are the qualities we need to call on to successfully navigate an uncertain future with multiple global challenges that are seemingly unassailable?  Who are tomorrow’s leaders, what are their skills, and what do we need to do – individually and collectively – to find a way through the uncharted waters of the future?  Curating the future requires a monumental shift in mindset, action and imagination.


To implement the kind of radically regenerative innovation we need in business, communities, systems, the key is being able to recognise and understand the different kinds of innovation available to us, and the language of the different kinds of people who can drive them forwards.  From sustainable, disruptive to transformative innovation, we need to understand the language of culture, history, consciousness and creed of the future innovators and how to manage them.

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