10 Questions to Ask in Your Annual Business Review

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I usually complete my annual business review at the end of November, so that I am well ahead of the Christmas rush and fully prepared for the next year. This year however, I have been so busy I didn’t get around to it until this week. It’s not a disaster if you haven’t done your business planning for 2017 yet, but it’s worth making your planning time sacrosanct and getting on with it.

So at the beginning of last week I took myself off to my office eyrie at the top of the garden to carry out my own annual review and work through the questions below. If you’d like to go through the same exercise, I recommend you gather up your diary, any major pieces of work you might need, some paper and settle down with a pot of coffee (or whatever is your preference) for an hour or so and ask yourself these 10 questions.

  1. Has your business enabled you to enact your ‘purpose’ in 2016? If you’re still not sure what your ‘purpose or why’ is, skip here or search all the posts on my site that are about purpose – there are many!
  2. What impact has your business made this year? What have your clients had to say about you and how have you measured your positive impact?
  3. How well has your business delivered against the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?
  4. Were there any major recurring issues or challenges of 2016? Are these themes that have been present in previous years? Are they supporting your business development or are they holding you back?
  5. Are you connecting and collaborating with the right people? Are you building a strategic network of co-creative partners, advisers, supporters and investor that can support you scale and grow?
  6. What did you achieve this year that you are the most satisfied with? As change makers and entrepreneurs we don’t always give ourselves enough credit for our achievements so list as many moments of pride as you can. I surprised myself!
  7. What disappointments did you have this year? As changemakers, we have high expectations of ourselves and others. Was there any moment where you felt you let yourself or others down and what could you learn from that? How well did you manage your expectations of others?
  8. Was anything missing from your business in 2016? Look at each major area of your business. How well your brand communications articulate your purpose; your strategic plan, your strategy for managing risks and uncertainty, your marketing and content plan, sales systems, customer service, financial plan and how well you looked after yourself – your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Make a note of the aspects you’d like to improve.
  9. What were the major business lessons or key business insights this last year and what did you learn from them that will change how you operate or behave next year?
  10. How has your business supported your personal development, and helped to increase and deepen your sense of consciousness? And vice-versa.

It can take me a whole day to go through this exercise, or sometimes a week.  You might want to go through the exercise quite quickly and then come back to it a week later.  It doesn’t matter if you take a whole day – it’s worth it. These 10 questions gave me a number of valuable insights which I’ve been using to help me to plot my business plan for 2017.

Over to you: let me know what insights you gained from looking at these questions.

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The Changemakers Path

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