You're a leader of a purpose-led enterprise.  You're creating positive change in the world.  You're advocating change at the same time as driving growth in your business or enterprise.  Perhaps you're at the outset of a new project or right at the start of your new business.  

You're focused and driven, but sometimes you're like all of us and you have doubts.  There are steps you just aren't quite sure how to take or whether to take.  

Perhaps you haven't yet found that certain someone who is your trusted mentor or 'critical friend'.  The one person you can go to whose experience your trust, and who can cut through the c*** of all the noise going on in your head.  But you're not ready to commit to a long-term relationship or you just want to test out the relationship before you jump in.  

I understand that.  It takes me time to find the right mentor or coach too!  Many only offer you a 'conversation' to get to know them before you commit.   It's also true that most experienced, top class mentors don't have the time to give out free 'pick my brains' sessions every day either!!

That's why I've created​ Creative Thinking Bursts.  They are laser-focused 60 minute live sessions (with 30 minutes for me to study any material you send me in advance) where we can get to grips with your latest business challenge, examine your thinking, explore fresh insights and create practical action steps you can take.  They're not free and they're hard work - so don't come for a chat!  Get your thinking cap on, have your pen at the ready, and come  prepared with a very specific question or set of questions you want to work on. 

Who are Creative Thinking Bursts for?

These swift paced and upbeat sessions are designed to help you and/or your organisation facilitate positive change. Creative Thinking Bursts are great if you want to reflect on a challenge that’s a hard nut to crack, if you find yourself in ‘stuck’ mode and just can’t find a way forwards, to gain fresh insight into a strategic challenge that’s been bugging you or to find a sense of direction and leap into action!

They are for startup entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, business leaders who are 'stuck' and senior employees inside organisations ​that want a little creative inspiration about how to create a strategy that sticks and delivers.

Creative Thinking Bursts help you review and reinforce your vision, strategic thinking, personal development, inspiration, and accountability.

You immerse yourself in the “WHY, WHO, HOW, WHAT” to set up good foundations for growth, leadership and knowledge management, for you and/or your team. 

What can you work on?

  • Your Brand or Business Strategy
  • Get fresh thinking and get 'unstuck'
  • Your Purpose, Vision or Values
  • Your Brand voice or Communications
  • Your pitch presentation for investment
  • Getting ready for Scale and Investment of your startup or business
  • Developing new product or service ideas
  • Growing your influence and reach
  • Creating and sustaining collaborative partnerships
  • Changing perceptions about your business

Why work with me?

​I'm a fast study.  I've been used to solving problems for CEOs of global brands for over 30 years.  I can assimilate knowledge rapidly, and make an accurate assessment of your challenge fast.  My singular talent is joining unexpected dots, and coming up with creative solutions to thorny problems around strategy and communications.  

I will ask you probing questions, and occasionally, I will make you feel uncomfortable.  I may ask you to step outside of your comfort zone with challenges to work through that may be hard.  But that's where the magic lies.

Almost every single question I have ever been asked by leaders comes down to two things: how can I be bigger? how can I be better? I will do everything I can inside just 60 minutes to help you find ways to move forwards.  That's all I can promise.  No miracles, no quick fixes, just a breakthrough in thinking that may help you take the steps you need. 

What are the options?

Choose a package of 1, 2, 4, or 6 webinars / Skype/ or face-to-face sessions.

Single phone / Skype sessions are £250+vat per 60 minutes (with extra 30 minutes for me to study information you will send me in advance)

4 Skype coaching sessions ​of 60 minutes each £850+vat ( a 15% discount and to be taken within a 3 month period)

London or Surrey/Sussex-based face-to-face sessions last 90 minutes, and cost £375+vat (travel time and pre-meeting study included). Conditions apply. Contact me to discuss group sessions or full day coaching sessions for teams.

How do I book a Creative Thinking Burst?

You can book a Burst with me any Tuesday which is a day I reserve for Creative Thinking Bursts by booking through my calendar HERE. This will automatically generate an invoice which must be paid before the Burst commences.

 If you have an urgent need on any other day to book a Burst please email me at putting Creative Thinking Burst in the title so that I see it.  I will get back to you on the same working day wherever possible.  

Terms & Conditions apply. ​