The work I do helps individual change-makers and start-up business/brand owners establish their life’s purpose and turn their ideas into reality.  We work together to align your own vision and values with everything you do, make, say and how you behave and show up in the world.  This is how world-changing, fully-aligned brands and companies, led by highly effective influencers are built.

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If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, I can help.

jen_andersson_favicon_smallBrand & Business Alignment

Do you need help to make your idea happen, and want to put a strategic plan in place from the start?

Do you want to create a clear, compelling brand architecture and story but don’t know how to pull a brand together to support your idea?

Have you successfully launched your business idea but you’ve hit the struggle zone and need some fresh input on your future direction?

Have you launched with a great idea or product but your brand doesn’t seem to be quite connecting the way you hoped and the growth isn’t coming as planned?

Are you struggling to satisfy the diverse needs of different stakeholders in your enterprise, and need to look at how you tell your enterprise’s story more coherently?

jen_andersson_favicon_smallPersonal Branding

Are you a Change-Maker in the making who needs to create and embed a personal brand strategy to support your future plans?

Are you an existing Change-Maker who needs a lot more visibility and influence to achieve the change you seek to make?

Are you planning your Change-Maker Enterprise and you need to know how important and influential Brand You is in the mix today? Do you need to boost your influence now?

jen_andersson_favicon_smallImagineering Workshops

Do you want to engage your whole organisation in a process of creating a new vision for change rather than relying on an SVP team-led or hero leader vision?

Are you interested in exploring new ways to envision the future and how that will shape and change your organisation to become more future responsive?

Do you want your enterprise to be more responsive and resilient but you can’t visualise a way forward?

jen_andersson_favicon_smallResilience, Mind & Thought Management

Are you a Change-Maker who’s suffering from resilience burnout, and you’ve lost the energy you once had to make change happen?

Do you have activists and change-makers on the frontline of your business who are frequently in danger of resilience burnout?

Are you looking for support in managing the stress of running a Change-Maker enterprise?

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