I am a regenerative practitioner, creative strategist, evolutionary catalyst and future storyteller. I work with organisations and leaders who want to embark on a journey to contribute to the transformation of our existing systems to a regenerative economy in which all life can flourish in respect and harmony.


The Future we design

My wide, varied and wonderful career has spanned pubic relations, brand strategy and communications for some of the world’s best known brands, sustainability strategy and narratives, corporate social responsibility and most recently, a total focus on finding the ways in which we can radically transform the landscape of business-as-usual.

We face an uncertain future. The civilisation, systems and norms we have known for the past 100 years are rapidly failing amidst existential challenges like climate change, soil degradation, ocean acidification, deforestation, and biodiversity collapse in a society blinded by consumerism and the myth of constant growth on a finite planet.

We must find new ways, new frameworks, new stories and a whole new set of values to enable business to play a part in the transformation we need to create the just, equable, fair future we want.

I have committed myself to working with visionary leaders, aspiring social entrepreneurs, transformational NGOs and curious communities to activate a new regenerative vision grounded in regional place-making. In our economies. In our food systems. In our building and construction industries. In the fashion and tourism sectors. In education. And in cities and towns with creativity and courage to embrace the wisdom of nature and living systems design.

We are all stewards of the future. Designing islands of sanity wherever we can.

The future we want is The Future We Design.

“It takes a long time to prime a system for change. You have to create a series of priming points and interventions – each one builds on what’s gone previously. And then bang. Along comes coronavirus and primes the whole system.”

How I Work

Insightful Research

I produce in-depth reports, studies and recommendations on regenerative economic policy and interventions, food systems, bioregional place-based development,  cultural change and the future of education. 

I provide desk-based research and insights, as well as digital ethnographies and field research to provide insights and data that inform strategy development.

A Trusted Adviser

I am a trusted adviser to CEOs, leaders, business owners, social & environmental entrepreneurs and scale-ups as a valued independent sounding board to challenge thinking and strategy.

I am a reliable source of surprising insights and knowledge covering many fields of future thinking from regenerative economic principles to biomimicry, from the future of work to the future of food sytems.


Inspiring Speaker

I am frequently called to speak at international sustainability conferences, industry events and private organisation launch events to profer a futuristic point of view relevant and important to the audience.

I draw on knowledge and experience in brand strategy and communications, economic strategy and development, developmental psychology & biology, systems thinking and living systems theory, and business education.

Facilitating emergent Ideas.

Tackling Wicked Problems.

I aim to provide practical and provocative insights, imagination and creativity at an appropriate level and in the appropriate language that any organisation is able to work with. Working with you where you are, helping you to get where you want to be.

There’s much to do.

How can I help you?

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