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I help to weave future-fit strategies for organisations and places who want to make a transformative leap to a regenerative economy. 

We are in a time of turbulent change. The Anthropocene Era requires nothing short of a complete transformation of our economies, businesses and lives, to meet the existential threats we face.

I help courageous leadership teams ready to chart a course for change to examine the strategic pathways open to them and select the route that is most appropriate.

I help shape the narratives that support transformation and change from simply sustainable to resiliently regenerative.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  

Buckminster Fuller

What is Regenerative Potential?

I take my inspiration and knowledge from many different fields. Organisational, psychological and biological development. Nature’s design principles; how life creates conditions that are conducive to life. Biomimicry. Design Thinking. Systems Thinking. 

I have studied and worked with many different frameworks and business model. Theory U. Gaia Theory. Complexity Theory. The Natural Step. The UN Sustainable Development Goals. Future-Fit Benchmarks. Three Horizons of Innovation. B Corporation. Bioregionalism. One Planet model. Circular economy. Sharing economy. Gift economy. The list is endless.

All these are helpful tools for any organisation to shift its operating model from business-as-usual to a regenerative economy.  As I write in my book Renewal, a regenerative economy is one in which we have two parallel goals.

Renew and revitalise human culture so that we re-design a world that activates, encourages and rewards the highest, positive principles and values the human species can attain. 

Regenerate and renew the planetary life support systems on which our one species depends, giving space and care to all life, creating a responsible, resilient and regenerative global ecosystem.



  • Find the regenerative potential of your organisation.


  • Craft a new organisational purpose and vision around which the whole organisation, its supply chain and customers, can unite.


  • Shape a new narrative, platform or theme to support that process of development – internally and externally.


  • Help you to make strategic choices and decisions in a complex environment.


  • Integrate place, people and planet with sustainability and regenerative practice to make very project an evoutionary catalyst for change.


  • Craft every strategy and project from a place of responsibility, resilience, and regeneration.



“The great work of our generation is to create a post-fossil-fuel and post-consumer economy that is regenerative, fair, durable, resilient, convivial, and democratic.”


I work with


To help them prepare for and journey through, the B Corporation Certification process.

If you are looking for a framework to help your organisation make a transition towards a more regenerative economy, B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.  The framework incorporates a legal requirement to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, supply chain, community – and the planet.

Of course you could do it on your own!  But sometimes it’s good to have a little help from someone who has done it before for a number of different businesses.  From start-ups to global brands.


There are still many businesses – large and small – that have yet to begin their sustainability, circular or regenerative journey. There are plenty of leadership teams that have not yet tapped into the potential of integrating brand, CSR, sustainability and culture.

What matters is that – wherever you are in your development as a business – that a light bulb has gone off and you are ready to act for a regenerative, fair, inclusive, green and open business world.

I have a long history of working with consumer brands in the leisure, fashion, food and tourism sectors, as well as being a guide and mentor to technology scale-ups who are taking on a global challenge such as renewable energy, food & farming, and education.


I have a particular love of and concern or, the future of food.  Until coronavirus arrived, my greatest concern was that our food systems would collapse due to the increasing pressure of climate change and extreme weather patterns.

I work with smallholders and smaller food businesses – from social entrepreneurs to companies creating new sustainable food brands and models – to mentor, coach and support them in their bold, ambitious and passionate journeys to redesign our food systems from global to global.

Resilient, regional, local food systems will be an essential part of a regenerative future. Strong bioregions with local supply chains will support that.