Ecosystem Engineer



conference designer




I model my work on the behaviour of two key actors in nature: pioneer species and ecosystem engineers.

Ecosystem engineers are plants and animals that create, significantly modify, maintain or change their surroundings.  Pioneer species are usually the first to transplant into a previously untouched or a severely damaged ecosystem – and start the process of revitalising life.

As a creative facilitator, conference and experience designer, podcast host, panellist and convenor of disparate and diverse groups, I focus this part of my work on:-


  • facilitating the emergence and cross-fertilisation of new ideas in caareully design events and experiences

  • bringing knowledgeable individuals with disparate experience and views together to create rich dialogue from which new synthesis emerges
  • convening relationships between unusual and unexpected stakeholders and stewarding collective intelligence and collaboration

  • creating and energising safe spaces for open honest dialogue to take place
  • sharing and weaving together new practices and tools that allow new, vibrant patterns of behviour and thinking to emerge

“Life creates the conditions conducive to life”.

Janine Benyus



 There is nothing more joyous than working with a diverse group of people or team and bringing them together in transformational dialogue.

Whether it is exploring exciting new topics, trying to find the optimum way forward in the midst of crisis or a wicked problem, or creating breakthroughs and breakdowns where there is deadlock to allow the new to emerge – I love getting stuck into the power of conversation. A conversation truly is the smallest unit of change.

I am an Art of Hosting practitioner, am trained in applying Theory U,  Liberating Structures, Open Space Technology, appreciative inquiry, Joanna Macy’s The Work That Reconnects, and have studied regenerative practice with Regenesis.

All of which gives me access to an amazing toolkit for creating transformative conversations.


It’s becoming increasingly challenging to curate and convene events that truly make a difference to the people who attend.

A well-designed experience blends a number of key qualities:-

  • the opportunity to make connections and hold quality explorative conversations in complete security
  • the chance to gain new unexpected knowledge and insights which elevate your potential or the evolutionary potential of your organisation
  • works on all our senses and the divese cultures, levels of consciousness, knowledge and characters present



I am frequently asked to host conversations at conferences, act as a moderator on panels, and also independently convene and host of my own online events, podcasts and learning journeys.

I can be both a jovial and energetic host without sacrificing the essential ability to probe and explore important questions with speakers and guests.

I host Connectle’s Regenerative Business series where I curate key topics and bring together diverse speakers to explore emerging aspects of regenerative culture and business.


“The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. We cannot change it without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein