Insightful Researcher








I synthesise diverse information from a wide range of knowledge, learning and thinking to deliver surprising insights.

In a world of experts and specialists, I am a polymathic dot-joiner, pattern weaver and synthesiser. A lifetime of researching emergent trends, market information, competitive positions for global brands has given me wide experience in a vast array of different fields of knowledge, and an ability to rapidly seek out what’s truly important and has the potential to be transformative.

Whether that’s to shape the foundation for  government policy, a sustainability strategy for an organisation, or a CEO’s latest book – I bring evidence-based knowledge combined with creative insights and ideas for action.

Future of Food & Farming in Sussex

A study into the economic, ecological and social imperatives to advance the future of the food and farming sector in West Sussex.

Animal Welfare in EU Free Trade Agreements

Researching the negotiating process for Free Trade Agreements in the European Union to produce a strategy to embed animal welfare in general, and specific animal welfare proejcts, into EU FTAs

Guide to Designing Regenerative Futures

A series of research projects into the potential for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be used as a transformative tool in Cities, Fashion & Consumer Brands, and in Food & Agriculture.

Finding Regenerative Potential

What transforms a strategy, project, or place is finding the emergent regenerative potential of the system it sits within. This study on the development project at Portsmouth’s Tipner West revealed additional potential t provide ecological transformation across the multiple estuarine environments on the south coast of the UK, the possibility to become a source of excellence in mental health, and the possibility of greater community cohesion.


Find the regenerative potential of your city, project, or place.
Find a key insight that helps you shape a new, transformative strategy.
Find a new narrative, platform or theme on which to hold new conversations and make new connections.
Synthesise complex information into a simple and compelling narrative that is easy to understand.
Find the ethonograpic and anecdotal evidence that supports emergent and as yet intgible change to give you confidence to shift position.
Produce reports that merge existing evidence-based knowledge with emergent as-yet-unproven but transformative insight.