Episode 3. Servane Mouazan: Why We Need to Be Good Neighbours to Create Change

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servaneServane Mouazan believes in future-centric good businesses, in the power of conscious innovation, and in models that include everyone and harm no one, now and in the future.

Founder of Ogunte, an organisation that aims to bring together 1 million women social entrepreneurs worldwide, she is a strong advocate of developing and connecting women social entrepreneurs and the people in their ecosystem contributes to making a positive impact.

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  • How conscious innovation helps creativity and imagination flourish, what it is and how you do it
  • Why women make the best social innovators
  • Why making a difference starts in our locality –how to be a good neighbour
  • How to think bigger – the challenge of bringing together 1 million women change-makers

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Servane Mouazan http://www.servanemouazan.co.uk
Ogunte http://www.ogunte.com
Ogunte On Facebook
On Twitter: @servanemouazan @ogunte
On LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/servanemouazan
The Womanity Awards http://www.womanity.org

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