Provocative Speaker

I share insights and stories about what it takes to design a regenerative future and economy – where all life can thrive.

Talking about a Regenerative Revolution

I am frequently invited to give keynote talks at events where navigating the journey towards an uncertain future is a key exploration.

I speak at global sustainability events, give customised talks at organisational annual conferences, and am regularly invited to speak as a panellist. I particpiate in webinars and workshops, and am host of Connectle’s Regenerative Business series of global webcasts.

I bring complex issues to life with engaging storytelling, well-researched data and facts, and help audiences to engage with the major systems shifts we need to undertake to create a regenerative future for all.

Almost four decades of work with purpose-led global brands like Patagonia and Timberland, ambitious start-ups seeking to activate whole systems change, and working in my own back yard Sussex in England, I bring a unique perspective on how global systems affect us all – locally – and how and why we need to change that.

Keynote Specialist Subjects

Some of the topics I speak on.

The Emergent Regenerative Economy

How do we redesign our economies to meet the convergent global challenges of climate change, ocean acidification, soil depletion, biodiversity loss which have the potential to fundamentally shift social patterns and behaviour? What does a fair, just and regenerative economy look like and can it live alongside business-as-usual?  A look at key issues such as ownership, finance, business models, breaking the last colonial taboos, education, land management, regenerative food systems, integrated regenerative culture in urban design.

The Nature of Place

Governments, regional authorities and councils worldwide are declaring a climate emergency and setting net zero targets. We have many models of how to achieve resilient, thrivable cities of the future. But which ones are really working to create thriving holarchies of place? What should we be thinking about to create islands of sanity, thrivable place and space for all life? Is it net zero? Smart Cities? Doughnut Districts? Circular Cities? Bioregionalism? or Zero Zero?  How do we understand and resolve the carrying capacity of urban development to ensure a space for unheard voices?

The Story of Separation

What are the key underlying narratives and sources of our current ecological and economic crisis? How have the thriving economies of the 20th century arrived at the destructive, depletive economies of the 21st century? Exploring the story of separation and how we heal it: between humans and nature; between humans and humans (othering, the nation state, gender, race, religion, unnatural borders; and the human inner world driving the crisis of addiction, depression, mental & physical health.  What are the implications for your business?

The Future We Want

The last decade has gradually revealed a failure of democracy and the economic system to address the wicked problems we are presented with.  How are we going to achieve the future we all want? Do we even know what that is?  Is it time to consider a more radical approach to inclusion, diversity and creativity. It’s time to invite in citizen democracy into our strategic thinking and development processes. How we approach sovereignty and strategy, sharing and think and work in systems, will determine how easily we achieve the future we want.

Getting to Net Zero (Construction)

What is the real challenge for the home building, construction and urban design industries? What is the real scope of getting to net zero if its not offsetting and tree planting? What does it take to re-design an industry based on energy where nothing is burned? What is the real scope of the transformation and what does that mean for real estate?

From Competition to Collaboration

One of the most important narratives we have to unpick to create a thriving, regenerative future, is the belief that Darwin’s misinterpreted logic – ‘survival of the fittest’- means that dog-eat-dog competition, where we trample our rivals, is the best means of survival. How do we learn to re-organise the basis of economic thinking in our minds? What does it take to overcome ego, fear, territoriality, trademarks, tribalism and come together in a new way to share openly and collaboratively?

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