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5 Practices to help activate meaning and self responsibility at work

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What practices and principles help activate meaning and encourage self-responsibility at work?

It turns out that self-responsibility is best encouraged by practices and principles that mirror the way in which nature works. It’s also becoming more common for organisations to create conversations and hold meetings using methods inspired by indigenous wisdom.

Biomimicry is most commonly recognised as an excellent design principle. We are used to seeing innovations inspired by nature. Shark skin structure for example very readily repels bacteria, and is also highly aero-dynamic. We’ve seen it inspire Olympic performance swimsuits and also be a source for re-designing the surface of hospital equipment, beds, railings to better repel bacterial infections like MRSA. Read More

Want to create Purpose-led business: ask yourself big questions

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If I asked you to name a manufacturer who is a shining beacon of  purpose-led business, sustainability and a leading light in regenerative business, social enterprise and also a proponent of biomimicry – what would you be likely to say? You might name IKEA, or Seventh Generation or if you were very manufacturing aware you might say Samsung, Siemens or even Adidas. But would you say carpet tiles? Those things of the 70s that inhabit grotty offices and cheap properties? I may be showing my age here, but if you’re like me you are in for a very pleasant surprise! Because last week I discovered Interface – not only a manufacturer of fairly cool, trendy looking flooring but one of the most innovative entrepreneurial businesses I’ve come across this year. Read More


The Future is Back to The Future

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Today is a very important date. Why? October 21st 2015 is the day Marty McFly and The Doc arrived in the ‘future’ in Back To The Future. Today you’re bound to get an email flying into your inbox about it, and here’s mine!

Did they get it right? Well, it’s true that we do have hover boards, Nike have released some pretty cool boots to celebrate 30 years of BTTF, we don’t quite have a flying car but we do have a space station, robots on Mars and space probes sending us back imagery of the far and distant parts of our galaxy. We can communicate virtually anywhere at anytime with anyone in the world at the pop of a button on smartphones. We are creating bionic people, robots will soon take over many services that humans perform, artificial intelligence is making a difference to our lives and futures. We can perform intricate medical procedures like face-transplants and genetics have advanced cancer treatment at the speed of light in the last decade. Read More