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What would Wholehearted Connected Business look like?

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During 2014, I spent a lot of time watching Ted Talks.  I love learning, creative thinking and talent, and there is no shortage of that on Ted.  One of my favourite Ted Talks (along with at least 18 million other people) is Brene Brown’s Power of Vulnerability.   It got me thinking about what businesses and their leaders could learn from the way in which the people she describes as ‘wholehearted’ live. Whether it could help businesses be ‘better’ businesses. I wondered what wholehearted connected business might look like. Read More

5 Purposeful Brands Connecting Protecting & Preserving the Planet

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Wow!  That’s a lot of Ps in a blogpost title!  But I wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the brands I have worked with and admire that are doing a terrific job of being ‘better’ businesses (while still being profitable) and showing us a sustainable business model that works.   Here are my 5 favourite Purposeful Brands that are protecting and preserving the planet as part of their business mission. Read More