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Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What is the role of purpose in the future of business?

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What do we understand by the idea of ‘purposeful enterprise’? Why purposeful and why now? Purpose is something that comes and goes in the business fashionability stakes but there’s no doubt that there is a new interest in the idea of it having a role to play right now in the future of business.

As a brand consultant for the first 20 years of my career almost all the challenges placed before me and my teams by business came down to two questions. How can we be bigger? How can we be better? Those questions could be answered through brand communications and marketing strategies for growth, clever product development, corporate social responsibility and latterly, sustainability strategies. Read More

Speakers at The Purposeful Enterprise Summit

What’s the purpose of Purpose?

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One of the interesting side discussions that has emerged from curating a series of expert interviews for The Purposeful Enterprise Summit is whether we all have an individual ‘purpose’ or not? Whether everyone can embrace a sense of purpose to the same degree and if not, why not? It may not be directly about purposeful enterprise as such but then all businesses are made up of people, so it gets space in the conversations.

Purpose comes in and out of fashion in business.  But having a personal purpose is a subject of huge discussion. What is purpose and what isn’t it?  Do we really all have a special ‘purpose’ to fulfil here on Earth? Something that remains mysteriously hidden to us a lot of the time – or at least it does to me? Is there really an infinite possibility for each individual in discovering their ‘why’? Read More