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How to activate self-responsibility and create more meaningful work

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A meaningful life is a responsible life and we need to be able to stay in charge of what makes life meaningful for us, especially at work. 

Viktor Frankl: “In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only respond by being responsible”. 

During the past 2 years I’ve interviewed hundreds of organisations who were either activating social and environmental purpose or creating a meaningful working culture inside their organisations. I met a very few where they’ve been able to do both. Read More

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Bring on The Activist Entrepreneurs

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2016 will go down in history as the year that everyone who is even the smallest bit conscious woke up to the fact that we have all been living in our own little bubbles of mindset, values, belief and worldviews.  I could have been at risk of being in the bubble again at Meaning Conference this week.  After all, this was a collection of concerned individuals who are all interested in meaningful life and work – otherwise they wouldn’t be there! But this year I felt a sense of urgency which replaced the curious inquiry of prior conferences. I felt a sense that there won’t be too many more wake up calls and that it’s time – for all of us – to take action.  So I was encouraged to see the group that I think we need the most – Activist Entrepreneurs – really well represented this year. Say what? Read More