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5 Characteristics Of People Who Thrive In Self-Management

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Since Fred Laloux wrote Reinventing Organisations in 2014, the book has spawned what could almost be described as a cult following. I have been deeply interested in the ideas expressed in Fred’s ground-breaking book and I’m a member of a number of groups exploring what his ideas mean. But as yet, there are relatively few organisations in the world who are at the stage of experimenting with self-management or self-organisation from whom you can learn in detail what the challenges of the experience can be.

I’ve worked with two in the last 18 months and interviewed a dozen more for my forthcoming book and would like to share some observations from their experiences about the characteristics of the people who thrive in these organisations – which also seem to be the characteristics most companies in the future are likely to need.  Read More

Jos de Blok

Buurtzorg: reinventing the care industry through trust

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After the awful events overnight in Paris, it occurs to me that we need to focus on positive news in the face of horror. I was lucky enough to attend Meaning Conference in Brighton last week; a conference focused on people and organisations who want to build better businesses and believe that business has a role to play in the global challenges we face. I had been really looking forward to hearing Jos de Blok, founder of Buurtzorg a Dutch care organisation which has been much hailed by the ‘teal’ community. Here’s the learning I took away from a very inspiring, and often funny presentation. Read More