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What I learned about resilience in a crisis in the floods of 2012/13

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It’s impossible not to feel a deep sense of sympathy with the victims of the terrible floods in the North of England and Wales.  What really gets me deep down in my gut is not looking at the piles of ruined furniture, or the sad soggy pictures of someone’s family, or even the awful pictures of water up to the windows.  It’s the stoic way in which people try to hold it together when they’re interviewed on tv.  The sense of that wobbly lower lip, the shaky voice and the utter devastation in their faces.  It really brought back to me the one time in my life when I realised my personal resilience and fortitude had just crumbled into dust.  Read More

EP11: Sharon Lawlor Jackson of ESA on creating sustainable organisational change

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Sharon Lawlor Jackson, founder of the European Sustainability Academy is one of those remarkable people who genuinely walks her talk.  Walking out on a highly successful career in the electronics industry in 1999, she has spent 15 years creating executive sustainability experiences all around the world to act as a catalyst for change at the highest levels.   Now based on the beautiful island of Crete, she shared her rich experiences and  insights into the successes and failures of the sustainability agenda, the challenges of organisational change, what she has learned from nature and why she believes organisational adaptability is key for future leaders, entrepreneurs and communities alike. Read More

Personal Resilience

The 4 Pillars of Personal Resilience

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Everyone thinks about something different when they hear the word Resilience. If you’re in sustainability and corporate management, you think about  your company’s resilience and its ability to withstand changes in the economic environment. If you’re a sportsman, you might think about endurance first or your body’s ability to recover from muscle strain. But for most of us, resilience can best be described as bounce-back-ability. It’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, the ability to adapt to life’s adversities and cope with the stress of everyday living.

Stress and reversals of fortune are no strangers to an entrepreneur or change-maker. When you are trying to support or effect change on a daily basis, you meet with more setbacks than most. Added to our daily struggle with things like family or relationship problems, health problems, or general financial worries, change-makers need to pay more attention than most to their personal resilience. Read More