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7 Ways Changemakers Can Sell An Idea About Change (and a product)

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You probably don’t associate the word changemakers with sales. Perhaps you think of changemakers as people who only sell an idea. You may not yet be familiar with my new characterisation of a unique group of change-makers as Activist Entrepreneurs because I still haven’t finished the book! The Activist Entrepreneur is a much needed kind of business for the future of planet Earth. An entrepreneur like other entrepreneurs but with one critical difference – the product or service they are selling is built around a positive change that’s needed on the planet. Change-makers who are Activist Entrepreneurs face many challenges but one that is particularly unique to them is the challenge of selling and closing sales. Read More

5 Actions To Take To Give Your Business a Boost in 2016

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Following on from my earlier post about what to review if things have been going wrong in sales and marketing, here are 5 actions you can take to give your business a boost going into 2016 if your start-up efforts have been a little slow in 2015.

  1. Focus on 3 or 4 key projects ONLY

What are the 3 or 4 projects that, if you worked on these consistently for the next 4 months, would make the biggest difference to the number of new connections, new clients, growth, profitability and success of your business?

For example, one of my clients is taking time to examine moving into a new market in which her current services would be equally applicable.  I’m helping her to research and understand the needs of that market, their thinking, their purchasing processes, what existing competition there might be, and what sort of money they have to spend.  We’re also taking time to consider what kind of work she really enjoys doing, and then we are cross matching the market research to the kind of work she wants to do to make sure she has a real market opportunity on which to focus. Then we’ll co-create the brand and communications strategy to launch that project. Read More