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Two key questions that help you find your purpose

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Peter Diamandis of Singularity University is known worldwide as a man on a mission to solve some of the grand challenges of humanity.  His organisation Singularity University is one of the most influential places to go if you want to incubate moonshot thinking as a way of life.  He’s had a lifelong passion for space exploration and the power of exponential technology .  Peter uses two questions that help you explore and find your purpose or passion in life.

1. What did you dream about doing as a child?
2. If you had $1billion to change something for the better in the world, to solve a problem, what would you do? Read More

8 Dots to Join Towards A Better Future

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Have you ever felt that there was something just out of reach of your fingers, your pen or your mind – an idea just waiting to be born? That if you could just reach out to it and nail it to a piece of paper, it could take flight and become real? Somehow amongst all the confusion and change going on I keep getting glimpses of dots joining up which offer hope of a better future.

I really think despite every indicator to the contrary that there’s something really exciting going on in the world at the moment. Something that you aren’t likely to see on the evening news or written up in your average newspaper. But nevertheless, it’s there. It has taken me two years to dig it out and join the dots in my own mind but the more I dig, the more I see and the more people on the same wavelength I connect with. It sometimes seems slow and organic, but every time I take another peek I get more and more excited that it is going to give rise to a new way of living and working on the planet – even if we can’t see what that will look like today. Read More