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What can you do when your new business is failing?

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I was speaking with an entrepreneur local to me earlier today who is struggling with her business. She has created a series of different products but isn’t having a lot of success with sales. Her goal for 2016 is to create a successful marketing campaign that drives sales. She has already invested a lot of money in coaching, mentoring and marketing courses and yet things still aren’t moving forward as positively as she would like. This is the position any entrepreneur or business owner dreads. Stuck in the doldrums with dwindling resources, dissolving confidence and depleted inspiration. What can you do when your new business is failing like this? Read More

10 Really Unfair Advantages that Build Brands

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When you first sit down to create your business model, one of the key components you are looking for are strategic ‘unfair’ advantages.  Things that will help your brand stand out from day one, and make faster connection with customers. Defining what IS a really unfair advantage for your new brand, or the brand you want to revitalise, is critical to success. Here are my top 10 really ‘unfair’ advantages for you to aim for:- Read More