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Activating purpose

Overcoming challenges of activating purpose in organisations

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I’m often inspired to write a post following a meeting or conversation with a client, but even more so after conversations with prospective clients.  When you are listening deeply to the needs of someone you hope to work with, you can gain important insights into what needs to happen in their business, but also how your own work can improve and be more relevant.  In this case I was discussing supporting an organisation who had already begun the early stage of work to investigate the basis for a future purpose-led inspiring vision for their company might be, and looking at the challenges of articulating a new vision and activating that purpose throughout the company.

Once you have started to hold discussions and exploratory workshops with some of your employees and other stakeholders, it’s often the case that the amount of data starts to look a little overwhelming.  Of course you can look externally for help (mine, hopefully!) but if you’ve committed to a fully internal process, what could your next steps be? Read More

Artificial Intelligence

How Universal Basic Income can help us live with uncertainty

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A while ago I started a series of posts about learning to live with uncertainty. Something we all have to get used to in these volatile, changeable, uncertain times. I have always thought of it as one of the key characteristics of the serial entrepreneur but today Frances Coppola also reminded me that its increasingly true for many more people. As the future of work changes and unfolds, much larger numbers of people are being forced to live with the challenge of uncertain income and certain outgoings. What’s going to help them cope with this change? Read More

Living beautifully with uncertainty

How to overcome fear and get comfortable with uncertainty – part 1

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We live and work in volatile, turbulent and fast-paced times.  Our growing economic, social and environmental challenges mean that we are all living in uncertain times where we are continually having to re-invent how we do business and how we live.  Systemic decaying institutions surround us, we are struggling to imagine the future of work which is being disrupted massively by exponential technology, the cost of education is skyrocketing, the threats of climate change aren’t going away despite COP21, the environmental degradation and plundering of resources in the face of exploding population continues.

Where once you could comfortably sit down and write a 5 year strategy plan for business, today you’re lucky if one will stand up for 5 months.  Where once horizon scanning was looking up and ahead at a fairly steady curve, now it’s like looking at a migraine dancing in front of your eyes. Where once we had reasonable certainty in how to create and build sustainable businesses, now we have uncertainty. Where once we had a clear life and career path cut out for us, today’s young people have apparently limitless choice, and equally limitless uncertainty.

I believe these challenging times offer a wealth of new opportunities to create abundance for all life on our little blue dot, to create businesses that are purpose-led and consciously aware of maximising the opportunity for good and minimising the potential for harm.  Many people and businesses are getting involved, others aren’t.  Why? What could hold us back – what IS holding us back – is fear. Read More