The human brain has given us the potential to communicate in extraordinary ways.

Language helps shape our world views, our thinking and our behaviour.

Yet research shows we are surprisingly unskilled at communicating with others.

The work I do helps global brands, entrepreneurial start-ups and individual change-makers turn their purpose & mission into compelling narratives, their ideas into reality, and unleashes collective intelligence and creativity to design cultures of continuous innovation.

jen_andersson_favicon_smallCreative Strategy

I guide individuals, groups, communities and organisations who face questions, challenges, transitions and change.

If you are stuck, I will work with you to get you unstuck. Whatever your challenge, I will help you gain clarity and develop creative solutions to the  problem you face.

I use flexible and empowering frameworks to research, document, and generate ideas, develop solutions and implement actions for many business challenges.  These include Theory U, a tried and tested creative change management process which was initially developed by a team at MIT, Boston; the Three Horizons Model for future innovation; The Art of Hosting and my own methodologies developed over decades of developing creative communications strategies for global brands.

jen_andersson_favicon_smallStrategic Narratives

Having a clear, compelling story about where your organisation is headed is a critical strategy to engage important and valued rights holders.

In a world overloaded with data and information, fear and uncertainty, a clear strategic narrative helps us predict outcomes making us feel safer. It more certainty which supports critical decision-making.  It builds brand reputation, value and equity.

It plays a strong role in making people feel valued, securing loyalty in employees and customers alike.  A well communicated strategic narrative helps us understand how our work matters and makes a difference.

In times of constant change, volatility and uncertainty, strategic narratives about the pathway towards the organisation’s future are critical to manage morale, commitment, and engagement.

jen_andersson_favicon_smallResearch, Insights & Reports

Sometimes, in order to create new compelling narratives, or carve out persuasive, stand-out position of difference, we need new insights.  I carry out extensive research into emerging areas of potential innovation for the future of your organisation, before joining the dots to shape a new and exciting strategy you can feel confident in.

I also work with both brands and agencies to produce themes, narratives, key messages, and content strategy to inform both online and offline content development for corporate social and environmental responsibility programmes and sustainability/regenerative strategies.

My reports often support the development of key Thought Leadership programmes for CEOs and Founders.

jen_andersson_favicon_smallSpeaker Training

Do you want to be an authentic, engaging and persuasive speaker?

Do you have a responsibility to represent your company with authority, confidence and clarity, in order to influence important change?

Are you an activist CEO or Founder who is on a mission to build a sustainable future for people and planet?

I have trained hundreds of CEOs, activists and founders in transformative public speaking; helping them to build irreplaceable trust and empathy with audiences around the world.  I have supported many leaders through giving their first ever TED talk.

I also support teams and groups to communicate with honour, integrity and love using the 12 foundational methods for empathetic communications.


If you would like to know more about how I can help you develop, book a free discussion with me here.

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