Imagine a world with no poverty, abundant clean water, and food security for everyone. Where climate change, biodiversity and species loss, and resource depletion are a thing of the past. Where all life is valued equally and we live in connected collaboration with the whole of the living planet.

Living in a compassionate and caring world is possible.

Entrepreneurial leaders with the courage and creativity to embark on an equal journey with the most intelligent open system on the planet can make it happen. Is that you?

Are you passionate about the ability of business to drive positive change? Are you ready to reach into an unknown future and explore the possibilities of building enterprises that are net positive for the planet? Are you excited by the idea of changing your business for the better?

If you believe in the creative adaptability of humankind to protect and preserve, to tackle grand challenges, to ignite the shift in consciousness we need and move from ego-systems to eco-systems, you’re in the right place.

I’m on a mission to help Change-Makers build enterprises that Make A Difference to future generations.


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Connected Conversations

The Body Shop

EP15: How The Body Shop supports community trade suppliers

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I met last week with Neil Jarvis, International Director of Quality and Industrial Operations and Ethical Trade of The Body Shop. Neil’s responsibilities include making sure all of the community trade suppliers and partnerships in developing countries around the world manage to deliver product that meet the exacting standards of the organisation.  It involves a high degree of reactivity, people skills and understanding, and of course international travel.  I caught up with Neil in the Sussex headquarters to find out how the organisation is growing its commitment to community trade, and how it’s doing since the acquisition by cosmetics giant…

Choc Chick

EP 12 Choc Chick founder Galia Orme talks raw business

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Award winning founder of Choc Chick Galia Orme talks about her journey from chocaholic to successful entrepreneur and founder of a raw chocolate brand, her commitment to supporting farmers collectives in Ecuador and her ambitions to make cacao a staple in everyone’s cupboard. When did your fascination with chocolate begin? My fascination with chocolate started as a young girl when my Argentinian mother used to make chocolate for the whole family at home. It was a time of enjoying the sweet treats my mother produced but I also remember that it was quite hard work to temper and produce the…


EP11: Sharon Lawlor Jackson of ESA on creating sustainable organisational change

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Sharon Lawlor Jackson, founder of the European Sustainability Academy is one of those remarkable people who genuinely walks her talk.  Walking out on a highly successful career in the electronics industry in 1999, she has spent 15 years creating executive sustainability experiences all around the world to act as a catalyst for change at the highest levels.   Now based on the beautiful island of Crete, she shared her rich experiences and  insights into the successes and failures of the sustainability agenda, the challenges of organisational change, what she has learned from nature and why she believes organisational adaptability is…


EP10: Paul Dunn on B1G1 giving impacts, smiles and SMEs

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There are so many ways we can give to ‘deserving causes’.  A click of the mouse and money can be winging its way across the world; a cheque from a large corporation is still prized.  But Paul Dunn, founder of B1G1, believes that giving  impacts is a more sustainable model for future giving, primarily because pure donations offer so little long term engagement with the end result.  He also believes that giving has to be made even easier, especially for SMEs who may not be able to afford the high ticket cheque donations of larger corporations. In this Connected Conversation, he shares…

Discovering a Difference

Swansea Tidal Lagoon

Bring on The Activist Entrepreneurs

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2016 will go down in history as the year that everyone who is even the smallest bit conscious woke up to the fact that we have all been living in our own little bubbles of mindset, values, belief and worldviews.  I could have been at risk of being in the bubble again at Meaning Conference this week.  After all, this was a collection of concerned individuals who are all interested in meaningful life and work – otherwise they wouldn’t be there! But this year I felt a sense of urgency which replaced the curious inquiry of prior conferences. I felt…

Paul Mason

Neo-liberalism is broken; but what can you do about it?

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Author and writer Paul Mason made a clear statement at Meaning Conference in Brighton this week; neo-liberalism is broken. The collapse of neo-liberalism is the talk of the thinking elite these days. Mason, alongside other experts and authors like Otto Scharmer are codifying the thing most of us feel in our guts.  Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – well actually, most of the Western world.  That ‘thing’ is the slow grind to a halt of neoliberalism and capitalism according to Mason et al. Why is neo-liberalism broken, and why should you care? What has gone wrong with…

Empathy Museum

The transformative power of empathy

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Participating in ULab during 2015 first alerted me to the transformative power of empathy. Until then I think I may have thought of empathy as just that benign feeling of pity and sorry for someone else’s misfortune – which in part, it is. But active empathy is so much more powerful that a passing feeling of sympathy for someone else’s plight. Two great talks at Meaning Conference this year showcased the true transformative power of empathy.

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