I’m a brand and business strategist, a joiner of dots, a connector of ideas and people, a practical problem-solver, an Imagineer and Futurist, a podcaster and speaker.

I work with Change-Makers who are passionate about the ability of business to drive positive change to build enterprises that create that change. From transformational coaches to corporations creating transformation.

I’m on a mission to reconnect people and business with the world’s most inspiring and intelligent system – nature.

I first learned about the importance of purpose and making a difference early on in my life when working in bilateral aid for the Republic of Tanzania, supporting SWAPO and the ANC as they emerged as influential organizations in Africa.

As I moved on to create a lifelong career in brand storytelling and strategy, I continued to be inspired by the memories of watching small communities struggle with seemingly insurmountable challenges to feed, water, clothe themselves and create enterprises that lasted.

For the next 25 years I chose to work with challenger brands developing creative visions and purpose-led communications through the agency I founded in 1986 and sold in 2000, and subsequently as a sought-after strategist (even if I say it myself!).

From award-winning brands like The Timberland Company, Levi Strauss, Patagonia, and Virgin, to supporting leading activist charities such as Compassion in World Farming, Chain of Hope, RSPCA, I have been lucky enough to learn from and help, some of the world’s most inspiring brands and individuals.


Water Scarcity & Food Security

Climate Change

Injustice & Inequality

Population Growth

Resource Depletion & Biodiversity Loss

We need to change from Ego-Systems to Eco-Systems

The Challenges We Face

Today humankind and nature face greater challenges than at any point in our history.  How will we feed 7-9 billion people? How can we protect the environment? How can we solve the energy crisis without depleting more resources or creating more toxic waste? How do we deal with water scarcity, increasing injustice and inequality, health issues, biodiversity loss, and unstoppable climate change?

I believe that visionary business leaders and brands are best placed to meet those challenges.  By realigning existing businesses against these challenges, and creating new businesses specifically to address them, we can and must – move from sustainable businesses to net-positive for the planet.

I work with individual change-makers, start-ups and brands to help identify and establish their life’s purpose, turn their ideas into reality, align vision and values with everything they do, make, say, how they behave and show up in the world – to build world-changing, fully-aligned brands and effective influencers.

I support them with skills training in Resilience, Listening, Imagineering, Mind & Thought Management, and Creative Meditation through strategic collaborations with leaders in these fields.

Our DNA Way


with nature




and co-create


a better future


through conscious connection


foster resilience

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