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How to write a talk with an idea worth spreading

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Yesterday I was invited to speak at my local chamber of commerce to a group of invited business people about the power of speaking as a communication tool, and in particular the value of TED-style talks for small business. A TED-style talk is one with an idea worth spreading – so says Chris Anderson, founder of the world-renowned event series.  A high percentage of businesses in CoCs are service businesses so I wanted to illustrate how this kind of business can find an ‘idea worth spreading’ as well as the many academics, authors, researchers and scientists who we often see on the stage at TED. One of the great benefits of the rise of TED and the power of the internet has been the enormous renaissance in speaking. There are now so many more opportunities to put your business in front of others. An idea worth spreading is a talk worth considering to promote your business! Read More

How to prepare a pitch for investment

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If you are an ambitious entrepreneur with growth plans, at some point you will most likely have to go looking for investment to grow and expand.  When you do, you will have to produce an investment deck and a pitch presentation.  In a few short hours I’m off to London to help train another group of great start-ups in the art of pitching for investment. It’s something I do regularly and thoroughly enjoy, not only because I love hearing new business concepts, but I know I can help each entrepreneur refine and hone a successful pitch.  How do you create a successful pitch for investment? Read More

On communications strategy for conscious business (and dog poo)

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Yesterday the Universe conspired to draw my attention once more to the difficulties of developing a successful communications strategy in the world today, especially for conscious coaches and mentors engaged in conscious business transformation of any kind. I love it when this happens. It happened like this. Bear with me, this is a long one.

I was on my way to a meeting in London, walking to the train station with my normal pace – fast – when I slipped over and landed flat on my backside – in a pile of dog poo!!! Disgusting and unpleasant. I had to retrace my steps and head home because no self respecting taxi was going to take me! I wasn’t going to get to my meeting on time so I reorganised a Skype. I popped a post onto Facebook about my misadventure – more to amuse than to be remotely insightful – and got out the rubber gloves. Read More

What to do when things go wrong with your keynote speech

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This week I was giving a keynote speech at an international conference called Sustainable Brands in Copenhagen. The founder of the conference, KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz is a remarkable women gifted with a mission to bring sustainability practitioners around the world together to explore and celebrate ways in which global brands are addressing the issues the world faces. I felt completely privileged to be a part of this wonderful family of people, and very committed to trying to do my best there. Not just for myself, but for her and the people that would give me 1.5 hours of their time.

But all was not going to go according to plan…… Read More

5 Actions To Take To Give Your Business a Boost in 2016

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Following on from my earlier post about what to review if things have been going wrong in sales and marketing, here are 5 actions you can take to give your business a boost going into 2016 if your start-up efforts have been a little slow in 2015.

  1. Focus on 3 or 4 key projects ONLY

What are the 3 or 4 projects that, if you worked on these consistently for the next 4 months, would make the biggest difference to the number of new connections, new clients, growth, profitability and success of your business?

For example, one of my clients is taking time to examine moving into a new market in which her current services would be equally applicable.  I’m helping her to research and understand the needs of that market, their thinking, their purchasing processes, what existing competition there might be, and what sort of money they have to spend.  We’re also taking time to consider what kind of work she really enjoys doing, and then we are cross matching the market research to the kind of work she wants to do to make sure she has a real market opportunity on which to focus. Then we’ll co-create the brand and communications strategy to launch that project. Read More