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Why Activating Purpose is at the heart of creating a good life

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Given the turmoil of first few month’s of Donald Trump’s presidency, and the on-going anxiety w feel about Brexit, you could be forgiven for losing all sense of hope of a thriving future for people and planet. To see the chaos caused at airports over his sudden lurch towards banning access to the US for refugees and passport holders from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and to witness the disappearance of all mention of climate change from the White House and Environmental Agency’s websites, are alone cause for concern. But could these kinds of decisions act in a positive way for us, activating the primordial sense of survival that kicks in whenever we are in danger? Can the on-going uncertainty and volatility propel us forward in our goals go creating a good Life and a thriving future? Read More

Activating purpose

Overcoming challenges of activating purpose in organisations

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I’m often inspired to write a post following a meeting or conversation with a client, but even more so after conversations with prospective clients.  When you are listening deeply to the needs of someone you hope to work with, you can gain important insights into what needs to happen in their business, but also how your own work can improve and be more relevant.  In this case I was discussing supporting an organisation who had already begun the early stage of work to investigate the basis for a future purpose-led inspiring vision for their company might be, and looking at the challenges of articulating a new vision and activating that purpose throughout the company.

Once you have started to hold discussions and exploratory workshops with some of your employees and other stakeholders, it’s often the case that the amount of data starts to look a little overwhelming.  Of course you can look externally for help (mine, hopefully!) but if you’ve committed to a fully internal process, what could your next steps be? Read More

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How Universal Basic Income can help us live with uncertainty

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A while ago I started a series of posts about learning to live with uncertainty. Something we all have to get used to in these volatile, changeable, uncertain times. I have always thought of it as one of the key characteristics of the serial entrepreneur but today Frances Coppola also reminded me that its increasingly true for many more people. As the future of work changes and unfolds, much larger numbers of people are being forced to live with the challenge of uncertain income and certain outgoings. What’s going to help them cope with this change? Read More

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Two key questions that help you find your purpose

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Peter Diamandis of Singularity University is known worldwide as a man on a mission to solve some of the grand challenges of humanity.  His organisation Singularity University is one of the most influential places to go if you want to incubate moonshot thinking as a way of life.  He’s had a lifelong passion for space exploration and the power of exponential technology .  Peter uses two questions that help you explore and find your purpose or passion in life.

1. What did you dream about doing as a child?
2. If you had $1billion to change something for the better in the world, to solve a problem, what would you do? Read More


Why is making a difference more important than ever?

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I had a lovely conversation earlier this week with a respected colleague who worked in international development for years. She interviewed me as one of a series of people she is speaking to about which experiences might cause having an impact / leaving a legacy / making a difference to become important to individuals. It was such an interesting conversation,  I thought I might share my reflections with you about the journey to becoming a changemaker, as they may be insightful for some of you. If nothing else, they may help you to feel you are not alone or in any way unusual in the experiences you are having (hopefully!). Read More

Activating Purpose

How do you create a purpose-led business?

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Are you at a stage in your life where you are beginning to wonder what your legacy will be?  Or maybe you’re at the end of where you want to go with the corporate 9-5 and are looking for a worthwhile escape route? Do you feel it’s about time you were in business for yourself?  If you’re going to take the plunge and create a new business, why not build something which is going to have an impact on the future sustainability of our planet and create a purpose-led business.  That doesn’t mean you have to know everything there is to know about sustainability, it just means you’re going to build a business with purpose.  So how do you start the process of creating a purpose-led enterprise? Read More