Episode 6. Simon Jordan: How to Create a Connected Compassionate Community

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simon-jordanSimon Jordan is a highly successful marketer in a niche which has exploded over the past decade: coaching.  Today he is mentor, coach and marketing guru to small businesses all over the world, but his life wasn’t always that successful. From early beginnings stuck in corporate roles with media giants like Sky, a descent into drink and drugs followed.  Pulling himself out of the pit through a combination of anger and running, Simon talks openly and honestly about how he reshaped his life to serve his global community, and in the process set up one of the most successful communities on Facebook – One Planet One Place.




  • How Simon used both anger and running to crowbar himself out of the cavern of depression to build a thriving global business
  • Why small businesses with a purpose really need to focus on what their customer needs rather than what they want to sell
  • How a chance discussion about revamping his own TV brand gave rise to one of Facebook’s most successful communities – One Planet One Place
  • How he leveraged his marketing skills to grow a community of 130,000
  • His future hopes and plans for One Planet One Place
  • His special connection with goats, and life as a vegan and organic farmer.

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